More Dance Training

Fun and Stylish Latin Dancing

Wednesdays 7:00-7:45pm
$8 per student  (Purchase Package On-line for Special Price)

Salsa, Mambo, Cha Cha, and Rumba - 4 dances with very similar step combinations

Beginners can start in any Class.  Many singles come without partners.  If you come with a partner, we don't make you change partners.  You can decide.  Experienced Dancers can learn improved movement,  style, and partnering skills.

We teach "the right stuff" including
... Brief explanation of musical count & rhythm
... Brief coverage of dance holds for Latin dancing
... Basic movements and step combinations of Swing with clear explanation of proper body actions, connection with partner, and styling issues. 

8 to 12 class sessions will prepare most students for advanced dancing but advanced dancers continue to participate in these classes to stay conditioned and to keep their fundamental movements and partnering skills sharp.

This class is also a great opportunity for any dancers to review, practice and improve the fundamental skills that produce attractive dance actions.

Beginner level participants will learn fun and easy basic concepts for rhythmic movement and effective partnering and the important simple dance patterns and combinations.  Every Class covers the most important basics for Latin Dancing

Students can also learn details about stylish movement and effective partnering that will benefit most experienced dancers.  During the second half of each Class we introduce some intermediate figures and combinations popular with more advanced social dancers. The topics covered will vary based on the needs/preferenc​es of the participants. Questions are welcomed.  Students may stay after Class for more advanced instruction or extra help.

More about how we conduct our M-W-F Dance Classes

The instructor assesses the interests and capabilities of the students present and chooses one of the dances specified for the Class period.  Each Class begins with a review of the basic rhythms and movements of a dance.  Beginners will find this a bit challenging and experienced dancers can learn details that will improve their style and the enjoyment of their dancing and partnering.

Next the instructor presents a few of the most popular figures (steps) of the dance.  It usually takes beginners several classes to become comfortable with the essential dance skills and most popular figures.   Each time these topics are presented, students make new discoveries that improve their dancing and partnering skills.  Much repetition helps to develop good dance skills and confidence about leading and following successfully.  Really good dancers practice basic figures very frequently to become conditioned to perform movements that are most stylish.

Later in each Class the instructor introduces some more advanced figures.  These figures are upgrades and embellishments of the earlier figures and beginners may find them too difficult and be content to continue to work on the previous figures a while longer.

Most Classes start with basic movements and step combinations and then we show participants ways to improve and embellish basics for more advanced and stylish dancing.  Advanced dancers work several hours every week on the movements and exercises covered in these classes. They understand that their success comes from continuing improvement of fundamental skills for movement and connection.  We also offer more advanced classes for qualified dancers.  Find out more about our programs for advanced dancers by contacting studio manager (see below)   

Social Dance Parties are offered every week after the 8pm Class on Fridays.  Our Dance Parties give new and experienced dancers great opportunities use their dance skills, have fun, meet other dancers, and learn more from instuctors and experienced students.  The atmosphere is elegant yet casual with lots of comfortable seating, great Latin and Ballroom Music and club style lighting.  Nice snacks and soft drinks are included. 

For questions and/or more information  send e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it    or call 804-377-6947